Limitations and Version History

Version History

Revision: b394232b03b35c4ffd087c7fbd4ec47a88ec29c0

  • Added the Avatar feature. Each user in the 3D scene is represented by an object (currently a camera object). You can see where your teammates are in space, and you can share the same viewpoint as them. We have added a section above the Scenegraph where you can see all users currently in the 3D scene. You can double click on any user to assume that viewpoint. You can also choose to hide a user avatar here too. Live Android cameras are now regarded as User or Walkthrough cameras, and you can find them in the user list. Once an animated camera is recorded, it will appear in the camera dialogue as usual.
  • Re-organised the material properties panel. We have added sections to delineate different sections within the material panel: Base, Transmission, Emissive, Subsurface, Normal Mapping. If you expand these menus, the expansion is remembered as you move between different materials.
  • Added support for double sided objects. You can now select any geometry and toggle on ‘Double Sided’ in the Geometry Properties panel.
  • Renamed Dielectric F0 to Dielectric Reflectance when in Metallic Roughness shader model (for non-metallic materials).
  • Remapped Dielectric Reflectance to 0.5 at 0.04.
  • Removed a bug causing RTX to update when cameras were moved and camera settings where changed.
  • Align walkthrough cameras with world up when leaving camera mode.
  • Changed the importer to create metallic roughness materials only.
  • Moved IOR below transmission in the material properties panel as it takes no effect until transmission > 0
  • Fixed a bug that caused some movies to be rendered to 0kb files.

Revision: a6b15d2b7f277b2524db487197292f7f1fc94db3

  • Added a warning in case of out of date graphics drivers
  • Fixed a bug with project version migration
  • Fixed a bug with skydomes pixellating when the camera tracks out a long way
  • Fixed a bug with cameras matrices getting NaN values
  • Fixed a bug with exporting cameras in the right units
  • Fixed an issue with “Already Present Data Size” is not set to 0 when we import the same texture several times
  • Fixed a bug stopping the app from closing gracefully if a camera preset was used

Revision: 219c535767f070b800d75b799d939410cd6eb424

  • Fixed crash on start up if certain DLL’s are missing
  • Added viewport overlay for camera info
  • Added automatic disabling of unsupported features and improved messaging

Revision: e8aeb73dc3a6de174d617159c2a74509621ee1f8

  • Updated camera model to allow for replicating physical cameras.
  • Added support for camera presets
  • Added support for duplicating cameras from within the camera dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting cameras. Cameras will now export in the correct unit (mm).
  • Updated camera panel UI to extend available properties.
  • Updated camera panel UI to access viewport controls from scene globals.
  • Updated scene globals to allow deletion of camera presets.
  • Added support for Nvidia OptiX AI-Accelerated Denoiser.
  • Improved messaging around exceeding quota limits.
  • Improved UX around exporting images and video (changes to output resolution happen via scene globals now)

Revision: 8f98dd62ca920834451f7d1c8c450e7418864177

  • Fixed bug with fbx imports

Revision: a5e6e7ec37113df76daf01c4ce588ad160af5754

RTC Live Demo release.