For general questions, have a look at the FAQ page to see if we have answered it already… If not, feel free to ask, our Discord server ( is the best way to reach us.

If you have an issue, you can find tips for common problems on our troubleshooting page. You can also try searching the docs using the link in the main menu.

If you need further technical support, come and find us on Discord, we’ll be happy to help.

  • Post in 🦸support if you have a specific bug.

  • If you need more general help you can post in 💬general-chat.

Don’t have Discord? Don’t worry, the above link will allow you to create a new account or use your existing account. If you would prefer to use email, you can contact our support team at

Bug reporting

If you’d like to report a bug, thank you 🙏, your feedback helps us to improve PocketStudio 🏆.

Please create a new post, or email us with the following information to help us identify your issue:

  • Version and revision number - this can be found in the info section in the desktop app. Click on the icon in the Projects view.
  • Hardware configuration
    • Desktop: GPU model and driver version, Windows version
    • Mobile: Android and ARCore version
  • Severity - how does the problem affect your ability to use the application?
  • Description - please mention the steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Log, dump and data files - If a dump file exists (.dmp file extension), you will find it alongside the log file for the current session. The default path is: %APPDATA%\Pocketstudio\logs (just paste this into the windows explorer address bar) but you may have customized that location when you installed PocketStudio. Please zip the files (with any additional files or screen shots that can help us reproduce and fix the problem) and attach the resulting archive to your message.