Useful resources

Shortcuts and hotkeys

Viewport Navigation

Key / mouse button combinationAction
ctrl + g Ungroup selected objects
alt + Tumble (move around)
alt + Track (move left/right, up/down)
(scroll) Dolly (move forward/backward)
alt + Dolly (move forward/backward)
ctrl + Change the perspective of the view but maintain the framing (by moving the camera or walkthrough position)

Scene Editor Hotkeys

fFrame the currently selected object in the scene editor viewport
wSwitch to the move tool
eSwitch to the rotate tool
rSwitch to the scale tool
gGroup selected objects
xToggle viewport HUD for triangle count/fps etc
f1Toggle the render settings panel visibility in the scene editor
f2Toggle between high quality and preview mode
f4Cycle through the different render passes in the viewport (preview mode only)
F8Toggle between local and world transformations
F9Toggle the visibility of camera frustums
DeleteDelete the selected node

Scene Editor Shortcuts

Key / mouse button combinationAction
ctrl + Focus the camera on the object you are clicking on
ctrl + shift + Frame the camera on the point on the surface you are clicking on
ctrl + G Ungroup the selected objects
ctrl + H Hide the currently selected object
shift + H Show the currently selected object
ctrl + C Copy the currently selected node
ctrl + V Paste the currently selected node
ctrl + Z Undo
ctrl + Y Redo

Project Page Hotkeys

tabCycle through projects
escClose modal windows, cancel name editing

Mobile App Navigation

Touch interactionAction
Position / reposition scene origin in physical space
Orbit the camera around the origin
Move the camera up / down
Dolly the camera in / out