Create and edit sequences

Sequence Editor UI

The sequence editor is similar to a video editing tool, but rather than editing video footage it works with live 3D scenes.

The Sequence Editor view is divided into three main panels.

  1. Media Browser: To the right of the view is the list of available scenes. You can drag and drop scenes onto the timeline to add them to your story.
  2. Preview Monitor: The main window is the preview monitor. Here you can preview the shots on the timeline, through the camera you have selected from the scene.
  3. Timeline: Along the bottom. Drag scenes onto the timeline to create a shot. Click on the shot to bring up the camera dialogue and choose a camera, and drag the edges of the shot markers to change the in and out frames of the shot.

ps docs ui sequence editor4

The playhead (the vertical line in the Timeline) indicates the exact point in time (or frame) being previewed in the Timeline.

Sequence editor shortcuts.