Collaborative editing and quotas

Understanding Quotas

Projects in PocketStudio are syncronised via the cloud. On the cloud server you have a quota of storage space and outbound data transfer.

Storage: data are stored on the cloud when you upload large binary objects such as geometry or textures as explained here.

Outbound traffic: downloading data from the cloud can happen in one of the three following cases:

  1. You start work on one computer and pick it up where you left it off on another. The project data will be downloaded from the server onto your second computer.
  2. You use your mobile phone to record 3D scenes in Augmented reality. Data making up the scenes will be downloaded from the server onto your mobile device.
  3. You share a project with others: the project data will be downloaded from the server on each device of each person you shared the project with.

Quotas sets limits for these two metrics (storage and outbound traffic). You won’t be able to keep adding large data to your projects such as textures or geometry once you have reached your maximum storage capacity, and people you shared a project with won’t be able to get new data once you have reached the maximum download capacity.

It is important to keep in mind that PocketStudio measures storage and outbound traffic for the projects you owned (those you created) and not those that have been shared with you. If you share a project you created with someone, your outbound traffic will go up, but the other person’s outbound traffic won’t. If you import a texture into your project, your storage will go up. His or her storage won’t.

In the free public alpha version, these quotas are set to 500 MiB for the storage and 1.5 GiB for the outbound traffic.

To check your consumption get to the Project view. This information is displayed in the left panel.

ps docs ui quotas

Alternatively when you import an asset into the project such as a model or a texture, the size of the asset you import and how if how much of you quota it consumes, will be displayed in the import panel as explained here. Once you have reached the maximum amount of data you can store on the cloud, you won’t be able to import new assets any longer.

In the public alpha version everybody has the same quotas and there is no mechanism to update them yourself. However we are happy to increase you quotas for you on case to case basis. To do so, please contact us.