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Project Global Settings

Some settings such as the playback framerate, the output aspect ratio, etc. are global to a project and can be edited.

To edit the global settings of a project, do as follows:

  1. Go to the Scene and Sequence view of the project. This is the view you get to right after a project is opened.
  2. Click on the  icon on the menu bar. A floating panel will open.
  3. From the Global Settings floating panel, select the predefined values for each one of the available settings (see the list below). Then click on the OK button to save your settings and close the panel.

ps docs ui settings

Presets are not editable yet.

  • Output resolution: if you render your sequences out to a series of images or to a video file, this will define the size of your images in pixels. When you change the output aspect ratio, the height of the output resolution is updated and vice versa: when you edit the height of the image, the output aspect ratio is updated accordingly.
  • Output aspect ratio: width over height ratio.
  • Framerate: the playback framerate.
  • Near and far plane: the far and near clipping planes. Only used in the preview rendering mode.

For Viewport Fit, Display Film and Output gates and Render outside of gates options, see Cameras