PocketStudio for mobile

Preparing Scenes for AR

Using augmented reality to create animated cameras is very simple in PocketStudio thanks to our native mobile app. There is very little setup required, other than a few top tips for fostering a smooth experience.

If your scene is particularly heavy geometry wise, your mobile device may have trouble running the app at an acceptable framerate and this will make recording the camera move difficult. You should consider stripping the geometry down before downloading to the device.

This limitation is device dependent but a good rule of thumb is to not draw scenes on the phone that contain more than 1 million triangles (tested on Samsung S8 and above). This limit will be increased in the future.

If triangle count is a limiting factor, you could use proxy geometry to demarcate the scene before viewing on your mobile device. You could create this geometry in a different scene, record your cameras using AR in this version, and copy over the cameras to your high quality scene when you are happy with them.

What goes up must come down…

If you plan to open a scene on your mobile device, remember that to view it on the device, you will need to download all of the scene data onto the device.

Downloading data will count towards your outbound traffic quota. To learn more about quotas, head to understanding quotas.

If you are not using wifi to access the data, downloaded data will also count towards the data limit of your mobile data provider. We recommend downloading scene data when you are within range of wifi before you head out to record your cameras in AR.