Create and manage projects


  • Coordinate system: right-handed (not editable). This is the most common standard in the animation industry.
  • Unit: 1 unit = 1 meter (not editable for now). All properties expressing distances are thus defined in meters (such as the subsurface radius distance, or the focal distance used for setting up depth of field).
  • Default grid size: 20x20 units (not editable)
  • Up vector: Y axis (not editable).
  • Viewport navigation: Maya style (default, not editable for now). The ability to customize the short-keys for viewport navigation will be added soon.
  • Playback framerate: 30 fps (editable)
  • Color management: by default, all renders are done in linear color space. Images undergo a gamma correction before being displayed to the screen. Tone mapping is off by default (see Rendering: Tone Mapping).
  • Camera angle of view: this angle expressed in degrees represents the vertical view angle of the camera. This information is useful if you need to convert cameras from/to PocketStudio to/from another package.

Some of the preferences above can be edited at the project’s level. See Project Global Settings for more details.