Getting started


Some of the preferences below can be edited at the project’s level. See Project Global Settings for more details.

  • Coordinate system: right-handed (not currently editable). This is the most common standard in the animation industry.
  • Unit: 1 unit = 1 meter (not editable for now). All properties expressing distances are thus defined in meters (such as the subsurface radius distance, or the focus distance that controls depth of field, etc.).
  • Default grid size: 20x20 units (not currently editable)
  • Up vector: Y axis (not currently editable).
  • Viewport navigation: Maya style (default, not currently editable). The ability to customize the short-keys for viewport navigation will be added later. For a full list of shortcuts and hotkeys see Shortcuts and hotkey guide.
  • Playback framerate: 30 fps (editable)
  • Color management: by default, all renders are done in linear color space. Images undergo a gamma correction before being displayed to the screen. Tone mapping is off by default (see Rendering: Tone Mapping).
  • Camera angle of view: this angle expressed in degrees represents the vertical view angle of the camera. This information is useful if you need to convert cameras from/to PocketStudio to/from another package.