Play and render movies

Play and Render Movies

The Dailies view is where you can watch all the sequences of your project in full-screen mode back to back or render them out to a video file or a sequence of images.

The order in which the sequences will be played or rendered is determined by the order in which the sequences are laid out in the Scene and Sequences view.

If you want to skip a sequence when playing or rendering out the movie, select the sequence’s card in the Scene and Sequece view and press the H key. Cards of hidden sequences are greyed out. To unhide a sequence, select its card and press H again.

To access the “Dailies” view, click on the play button  located in the lower right corner of the Scenes and Sequences view.

To play all sequences, click on the play icon  on the playback control panel located in the middle bottom of the screen. You can also use the space bar to play or pause the movie. Depending on your monitor resolution, GPU and scene complexity, PocketStudio might not be able to maintain real-time playback framerate in the high-quality rendering mode.

You can still switch between the preview and high-quality rendering mode at any time by pressing the F2 key.


Scene and Sequences view

  • H: hide/unhide a sequence.

Dailies view

  • space bar: play/pause the movie.
  • F2: switch between preview and high-quality rendering mode.