Limitations and Version History


This is a list of small features or limitations that are likely to be addressed in the very short term. It doesn’t provide information on the features that the next major versions of PocketStudio will have.


  • Parenting objects in the scene graph is currently not possible
  • Bounding boxes of objects animated with a skeleton are not computed properly, making the framing of these objects difficult.
  • The existing color picker tool is just a placeholder.
  • Blendshapes have been temporarily disabled
  • Inviting someone to a project using an email address is currently disabled
  • The name of the file in the video export panel is not preserved
  • Data cannot be filtered by type (geo, textures, lights, cameras, etc.) when the content of a file is imported.
  • Clicking on the sky to access the procedural sky settings only works in the viewport/default perspective camera mode.
  • Pressing tab to go from one text field to the next doesn’t work
  • Changing the value of the a number using a mouse/key combination is currently not implemented
  • Selecting a text field to change its value is just painful.
  • The only solution at the moment to assign a new material to an object is to drag & drop a blank material file on that object.
  • If an FBX file contains several takes, the longest one is imported (the other ones are ignored).
  • Viewport gizmos and camera overlays are not available in high quality rendering mode


  • The AR app is not yet available through Google Play.
  • The application needs to be removed (uninstalled) before installing a new version.
  • Skeletal animations is currently the only kind of animation that can be played on the phone.