Limitations and release notes


A quick list of limitations that will be addressed in the near future. The list is independent from the product roadmap.


  • Parenting objects in the scene graph is currently not possible
  • Bounding boxes of objects animated with a skeleton are not computed properly, making the framing of these objects difficult.
  • The existing color picker tool is just a placeholder.
  • Inviting someone to a project using an email address is currently disabled
  • The name of the file in the video export panel is not preserved
  • Data cannot be filtered by type (geo, textures, lights, cameras, etc.) when the content of a file is imported.
  • Clicking on the sky to access the procedural sky settings only works in the viewport/default perspective camera mode.
  • Pressing tab to go from one text field to the next doesn’t work
  • Changing the value of the a number using a mouse/key combination is currently not implemented
  • The only solution at the moment to assign a new material to an object is to drag & drop a blank material file on that object.
  • If an FBX file contains several takes, the longest one is imported (the other ones are ignored).


  • The AR app is not yet available through Google Play.
  • The application needs to be removed (uninstalled) before installing a new version.
  • Skeletal animations is currently the only kind of animation that can be played on the phone.