Get started with PocketStudio

Get familiar with the PocketStudio interface

PocketStudio workflows is designed to guide the user in the process of creating a 3D movie through a series of intuitive steps.

The application being collaborative, it contains a sign in feature and various tools to share your projects and collaborate with others.

In the desktop application, the workflow is composed of a series of screens, each one of which representing a step in the movie creation process.

  • Sign Up / Sign In
  • Create projects and share them with others
  • Create, open and edit 3D scenes
  • Cut 3D scenes into sequences
  • Watch the sequences back to back in real-time or export the movie to video

Sign In View

When you open the desktop application you are presented with a login screen.

ui login

Project View

After login, the next step is project management. The projects view contains the tools needed to create, open and share project with others.

ui project

Scene and sequence View

When you enter a project you arrive at the scenes and sequences view. Every project contains scenes and sequences. In this view you can author new scenes and sequences or dive into existing ones.

ui scene sequence

Scene Editor View

The scene editor is where you can create and animate your 3D scene.

ui scene editor

Sequence Editor View

The Sequence Editor is where you can cut your movie. You can create shots from all of the scenes within the project, selecting any camera as you place them on the timeline.

ui sequence editor

Share View

This view allows you to play sequences back to back in real-time and render the movie out to a video file or a sequence of images.

ui output