Frequently Asked Questions

The default path for logs is: %APPDATA%\Pocketstudio\logs (just paste this into the windows explorer address bar) but you may have customized that location when you installed PocketStudio. If you don’t recall where you set this location to be, you can find it printed in the console when you launch the app.

PocketStudio currently only supports Windows and Android.

Yes, you can. In the camera dialog there is a disk icon . Click on that to save the current camera set to FBX.

Not currently. It is on our roadmap to allow exporting the whole scene. If this is a feature you would like to use, let us know! You can contact us in our Discord server.

Not currently. At the moment no data is ever deleted. We have the proxy geometry view so you can check before committing, but understandably bad data will get through from time to time. If you start to reach the data quota limit, just let us know and we can increase it for you.

History and data management tools are on the roadmap!

  1. Uncheck the Use Generated Skydome parameter.
  2. Set the Global Env Intensity parameter to black.

Start PocketStudio for desktop and sign in. From the projects view click on the icon in the upper right corner of the window. A modal window will pop up which contains information regarding the software including the version you are running.

When you launch PocketStudio you will automatically be updated to the latest version. To find out when the current version was released, see the version history page.