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For a ‘my first project’ guide, head to Make your first project. To dive deeper into 3D scene editing, begin at Create and manage scenes.

To learn how to take your animation to the next level, with materials, lighting and high quality rendering using Nvidia’s RTX, begin at Preview and High-Quality Rendering.

You can search for any parameter or feature within the app using the search tool in the main navigation bar.

Stay up to date

The version history is updated regularly so that you can stay informed about the latest releases. We sometimes add videos to the version history so that you can keep up to date with the latest features. For example:

Some more examples can be found here:

Useful videos

There are helpful videos and examples throughout the docs to help you to understand the concepts behind the tools within PocketStudio. For example:

Some more examples can be found here:

We try to keep the docs up to date and informative. If there is anything missing or unclear, let us know! You can find us on Discord (