Create and edit sequences

Create and Manage Sequences

When you have at least one scene contianing cameras, you can start editing your movie in the sequence editor.

PocketStudio’s sequence editor is very similar to any conventional non-linear video editing software (such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Rush, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, etc.) but rather than assembling video shots in sequences you will be cutting ‘live’ 3D scenes instead.

To create a new sequence do as follows:

  1. Go the project Scenes and Sequences view. This is the view you get to after you open a project.
  2. Click on the icon to the right of the Sequences label. This will add a new card to the sequence list.
  3. When a new sequence is created, its name is generated automatically. To change the sequence’s name, insert the cursor anywhere on the card’s label or double click on it, then type a new name.

You can create as many sequences as you want and easily rearrange the cards by moving them around. However note that the order in which the sequences are laid out in the user interface determines the order in which the sequences are played back or rendered out.

Sequences’ thumbnails are automatically generated by the application (when a sequence is closed) and cannot be customized.

ps docs ui sequence editor3

To duplicate a sequence, click on a sequence to select it, then click on the icon.

To open a sequence, double click on the sequence’s card.

To delete a sequence select the card of the sequence you want to delete then click on icon.

Current limitations:

  • You cannot select multiple sequences at once.
  • Deleting a sequence cannot be undone.