Create and edit scenes

Create and Manage Scenes

A movie project is a collection of sequences that are themselves composed of shots, where a shot is a 3D scene rendered from a particular point of view or camera. PocketStudio’s workflow and user experience is organized around this core concept.

PocketStudio is designed to let you easily create as many scenes and sequences as you want, which you can manage from within a single screen called the Scenes and Sequences View. The Scenes and Sequences View can be thought of as the project’s hub.

To create a new scene:

  1. Go to the Scenes and Sequences view by either opening a project or by using the breadcrumbs located in the top-left corner of the application (the scenes and sequences view is the root folder of each project. Click on the project name breadcrumb to head there).

  2. The Scenes and Sequences view is divided vertically in two with scenes to the left and sequences to the right. Click on the  icon in the scenes panel to create a new scene. A new card is added to the scenes list.

  3. Rename the scene: click on the card’s title; wait for the text to become editable then type the scene’s new name.

    About the scenes’ default name: PocketStudio automatically assigns an ID to every scene when it is created. The first 6 digits of this ID are used to give new scenes a default name. You are free to rename the scene to whatever you like.

You can create as many scenes as you want and easily rearrange the cards by moving them around.

To open a scene, double-click on the scene’s card.

About the thumbnails of the scenes’ cards: when you close a scene, the thumbnail of the card representing that scene is automatically set with a snapshot of the scene’s Viewport. That way, the card’s image always reflects the latest state of the scene.

To delete a scene, select the scene and click on the . Be mindful when you delete a scene as this operation is currently not undo-able.

To duplicate the content of a scene to another scene: press ctrl + c on the nodes you wish to copy, then open a new scene and press ctrl + v. Select the root node of the scene if you wish to duplicate the entire scene.

When you duplicate objects (whether in the same or to a different scene), currently, the original and duplicated objects have the same material node assigned (it is shared across the objects).