Real-Time collaborative editing

The Real-Time Collaborative Editing Workflow

One of the most powerful aspects of PocketStudio is its ability to share movie projects with others, so you can collaboratively live edit those projects together in real-time from anywhere in the world and from any computers or mobiles devices.

Collaborative editing is built-in into the core system of the software. This feature is available to you out of the box from the very first time you start the application. Project synchronization, merging of users edits and edit conflicts are taken care of for you automatically.

To share a project with others, see Create, Edit and Share Projects.

To have an overview of how the real-time collaborative workflow works, see How Does PocketStudio Work.

XX Customize your collaborative editing workflow XX

XX add something about quotas, where are the metrics displayed, add something about the upload and download gauges, etc. What happens if I lose my data locally, where is the data stored, etc. XX