Collaborative editing and quotas

Sharing your Teammates Perspectives

Who is in scene with me? Open the Scene Graph panel. You will find above the scene graph a list of users who are also “present” in this scene.

As you can see in the image below, each user is associated with a unique color. This color is assigned by PocketStudio. It is not possible to choose it yourself at the moment.

ps docs avatars

Where are these users located in the scene? It is also possible to see where each person is in the 3D scene by identifying the camera which bears that user’s color. For example if Saira is green, then the green colored camera in the viewport represents Saira’s location in the virtual 3D space.

Turn a user’s camera on and off: to turn a particular user’s camera in the viewport on or off, click on the icon next to the user’s name in the users list.

Looking through someone’s view: If you want to see through Saira’s eye, then just double click on her name in the list of users in the Scene Graph panel, and your viewport will switch to Saira’s viewport. If Saira is in the walkthrough mode and moves through the scene, you will move along with her. If Saira is looking through an existing camera, then you will also be looking through that camera.

When you look through someone’s view, a rectangle bearing that user’s color is drawn around your viewport. The name of the user is also displayed in the viewport.

To get out of someone’s view, either click on the cross in the top-left corner of your viewport or double-click on your name in the user’s list above the scene graph.

ps docs avatarsclose

Note that when you select a user from the users list, information about this user will be displayed in the Property Editor panel, such as his/her position in 3D space, whether this user is editing the scene from a desktop or a mobile phone, his/her visibility status, etc.