Create and edit scenes


Current limitations: in this version of PocketStudio, it is possible to play animations but it is not possible yet to edit animations from within the application. Animations have to be created for now in a 3rd party application then imported into PocketStudio using one of the formats supporting animations (see Importing Animations).

Supported animation types:

  • Animations of solid objects.
  • Characters animation using skins (skeleton joints + skinning weight): PocketStudio uses a dual-quaternion skinning method.
  • Blend shapes: for facial animation.
  • Animation caches: for complex rigs, cloth, hair or other kind of simulations.
  • Camera animations.

Translate, rotate and scale are the only animatable properties that PocketStudio supports for now.

Some of the exchange formats used by PocketStudio to import assets into a project support animation: these formats are FBX, glTF and Alembic. To know what are the features in relation to animation supported by PocketStudio for each one of these formats, see Create, import and export assets.

If a property beside translate, scale and rotate is animated in these files, PocketStudio will not for now import this animation.