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A Collaborative Workspace

Projects in PocketStudio are synchronized in the cloud so you can move from device to device seamlessly. You can start a project in one place and pick it up in another. You can work with others, remotely, and see each other’s changes in real-time.

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Designed for Filmmaking

PocketStudio provides an integrated workflow designed for filmmaking. From layout to edit you can rapidly shape your movie using state-of-the-art tools such as augmented reality and RTX rendering. You can edit your movie using ‘live’ 3D scenes, eliminating the need for multiple renders to get the edit right.

You can pick up your virtual camera (mobile phone) and walk around your 3D scene in augmented reality, seeing everything rendered in real-time as you frame your shot.

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High Quality Rendering

We help you leverage the very latest advances in rendering technology. PocketStudio has Nvidia’s RTX rendering technology built in, and uses Nvidia’s Optix AI accelerated denoising to boost speeds further. With PocketStudio, waiting for renders is a thing of the past.

artwork by Abdenour Bachir
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