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What is PocketStudio?

PocketStudio is the content creation tool designed for 3D filmmakers.

It uses a state-of-the-art real-time (RTX on) engine and enables people to work together on 3D content through remote collaboration. It helps you to produce 3D movies with unprecedented ease and speed.

Multitool: put a movie together from scene layout to sequence editing in one easy to use tool.

Real-time: invisible file transfers, instant collaboration, no delays between edits, native augmented reality apps, RTX raytracing… PocketStudio brings real-time to the production process.

Collaborative: work together with seamless real-time collaboration. Need to share an asset with an artist in a different continent? No problem, just drop it into the viewport and off you go.

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A Real-time Storytelling tool

In PocketStudio it is easier than ever to iterate and refine a story. Build your sequence of shots in PocketStudio’s sequence editor to streamline the editing process. No more rendering out countless iterations of shots!

Projects in PocketStudio are synchronized in the cloud so you can move from device to device seamlessly. You can start a project in one place and pick it up in another. You can work with others, remotely, and see each other’s changes in real-time. Versioning assets to send via file transfer is a thing of the past.

Take your cinematography to the next level with PocketStudio’s mobile app. Create sophisticated animated cameras in augmented reality in a way that is so intuitive to use… just film the scene with your mobile phone.

If you need technical support or artistic critique, just add your friends to your project and they can assist you remotely. With PocketStudio you can harness the power of your network.

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High Quality Rendering

We help you leverage the very latest advances in rendering technology. PocketStudio has Nvidia’s RTX rendering technology built in, and uses Nvidia’s Optix AI accelerated denoising to boost speeds further. With PocketStudio, waiting for renders is a thing of the past.

artwork by Abdenour Bachir
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