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What is PocketStudio?

PocketStudio is the content creation tool designed for 3D filmmakers. As a cloud-centered app, PocketStudio leverages your team from any location. It is:

  • Collaborative - working remotely, from any part of the world instantaneously (e.g. tweak your scene/lighting/blocking in LA, while simultaneously editing in London).
  • Works in real-time.
  • An integrated multi-tool - allowing you to put a movie together from scene layout to non-linear editing in one easy-to-use tool (while still being able to import/tweak from your favorite 3D content creation tools, e.g. Maya, Blender, etc. as you go).
  • High-quality rendering with RTX.
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A Collaborative workspace:

Projects in PocketStudio are synchronized in the cloud so you can move from device to device seamlessly. You can start a project in one place and pick it up in another. You can work with others, remotely, and see each other’s changes in real-time.

As you import assets (built in your favourite 3D content creation tools) into your PocketStudio scene, all assets and data streams are synched up, including CG lighting, and Motion Capture performance streams. Sending assets via file transfer is a thing of the past.

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A Workflow designed for filmmaking:

Shots: You can pick up your virtual camera (mobile phone) and walk around your 3D scene with augmented reality, seeing everything fully rendered in real-time and in perspective as you frame your shot and move. Your remote 3D artists can move assets around in preparation for your first shots, your director of photography can adjust lights and even start blocking with your motion capture talent as this is going on, all in real-time. From any location worldwide.

Editing: becomes more of an immediate extension of the shot capturing process, an instantaneous back & forth of tweaking the character assets, environment (including lighting) and even the camera composition/movement, as you see your incremental changes instantly ripple throughout the relevant takes already in place on the editing timeline.

More editing choices are available given the fact that many more shots are available (and can instantly be juxtaposed/explored) at any given time. Directing and editing take on a better informed, collaborative feel since each shot can be seen in its composited form and in the greater context of many other neighboring shots.

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High Quality Rendering

We help you leverage the very latest advances in rendering technology. PocketStudio has Nvidia’s RTX rendering technology built in, and uses Nvidia’s Optix AI accelerated denoising to boost speeds further. With PocketStudio, waiting for renders is a thing of the past.

artwork by Abdenour Bachir
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