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What is PocketStudio?

PocketStudio is an all-in-one real-time collaborative 3D creation tool that you can use to quickly and easily create professional 3D animation content for film, TV and all new media, including VR and AR. Real-time collaborative authoring is built into the core of the application; no setup is required on your part to make it work.

A real-time engine designed by filmmakers for filmmakers
You can think of it as a real-time engine not unlike those used in video game production with a different edge: PocketStudio is optimized to make the production of 3D animation content for movies easy and intuitive by using tools and concepts familiar to filmmakers.

An in-context real-time collaborative authoring workflow
PocketStudio ís the first Digital Content Creation solution offering a native real-time, collaborative workflow, making it blindingly fast to help you create 3D content, round the clock, round the globe.

An addition to your toolset
It is not meant as a replacement for your favorite 3D software, but rather as a solution to answer the needs of filmmakers to work quickly, easily conceptualizing, iterating and prototyping their 3D animation ideas with real-time feedback.

An affordable high-end solution for the new generations of filmmakers
PocketStudio is the result of a collaboration with seasoned film professionals. Yet the solution was crafted with the new generations of filmmakers in mind and to bring independent content creators technology used by high-end studios at their fingertips at affordable cost.

Put PocketStudio to use in your pipeline today!

Collaborate on your 3D animation projects with real-time co-authoring
Share your 3D projects with anybody in the world and edit these projects together remotely in real-time. Engage your remote creative resources and clients on different parts of the project such as:

  • Scene blocking and layout,
  • Look dev, character design, animation takes reviews,
  • Camera placement, 3D location scouting,
  • Real-time 3D storyboarding …

Recording 3D scenes anywhere with PocketStudio’s native AR mobile app
Record 3D scenes anywhere with the same freedom and ease you get when shooting a video. Cameras are stored on the cloud and accessible from within your project instantly. To everyone in your project.

Sketching movie ideas at the speed of thought
Work in real-time an in-context on live 3D scenes and sequences within the same app without delays between iterations and solve creative problems faster than with a pipeline in which you have to use several tools and bake the intermediate results out in order to see the result of every change.

Exporting 3D movies with professional film quality
Render movies out with professional film quality at the push of a button using PocketStudio built-in GPU based rendering engine leveraging Nvidia’s searing RTX technology.

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