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What is PocketStudio?

PocketStudio is an all-in-one real-time collaborative 3D creation tool that you can use to quickly and easily create professional 3D animation content for film, TV and all new media, including VR and AR.

Edit 3D sequences from live 3D scenes in one single app and with real-time feedback
You can put together a 3D movie from layout to editing in one single application. Such all-in-one workflow is known as a unified pipeline and prior to PocketStudio could only be found in video game engines. PocketStudio’s workflow though is designed to cater to the needs of filmmakers.

Edit the content of your movie projects with others in real-time
You can work with others on the same project, remotely, and see each other’s changes with real-time feedback. Think cloud based document editing with multi-user access applied to 3D animation. Project synching between users and devices is done automatically for you by PocketStudio.

Shoot your 3D scenes with a mobile phone using Augmented Reality
You can record virtual cameras from anywhere (your office, at the swimming pool or the airport) using PocketStudio’s augmented reality native mobile app. All you need is an Internet connection and an Android mobile phone supporting ARCore.

Render your movie out with professional quality
You can create images of the highest quality in truly impressive time scales using PocketStudio’s photo-realistic rendering mode, leveraging Nvidia’s RTX technology.

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